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Here at Cloud Hosting Providers our goal is provide the world with access to reviews and insights into the very best clouding hosting companies possible.? The world of web hosting can be a confusing one, especially or those new to this world, folks need help and we’re here to give it.

What Is Cloud Hosting? (Cloud Hosting Providers)

A lot of people may not even know exactly what cloud hosting is, we get it, well, cloud hosting is a type of hosting in which the customer has access to an entire network of servers, all of which “flow” into one another.

It’s not like dedicated hosting, and it’s not exactly VPS or shared hosting either, it’s a hybrid, you could say.? And basically the advantage of cloud hosting is that the end user (customer) never pay for more hosting than they really need — and that’s important in gaining an edge for your business.? You only pay for what you use, no more and no less. It’s a solid business concept, right?

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

codero hosting screenshot


Flexible and powerful cloud hosting solution for medium to large sized businesses.?1 Core + 1 GB + 50GB of Storage can be billed out at hourly or monthly rates. There are no contracts to sign, and the company focuses on green hosting practices.?Free setup.?This cloud hosting is for slightly larger users — their intro rates are either $54/month or $0.10/hour. I always recommend cloud hosting at best cloud hosting


omnis hosting


Affordable cloud hosting is what Omnis is all about, quality without sacrificing service.?Choose your OS — Linux starting at $5.95 per month, or Windows starting at $6.95 per month. Sites can enable WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and html sites.?$50 Adwords and $25 Yahoo marketing coupons.?Free sitebuilder.



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